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Our Company

Our Company

20 years of commitment and trust

Founded in Leiria in 2000, Transportela specializes in the transport of goods both domestically and internationally, namely Spain and France.

Given the constantly evolving market, we have always stood out for our ability to adapt, our experience and our professionalism. Currently, we have 25 tractor trucks and 30 trailers of which 22 are reel carriers, 2 special transport trailers and 6 mega trailers for maximum loads. Our fleet is roughly 7 to 8 years old.

In addition to reel carrier, full load or group transport, Transportela has a Dedicated Service which guarantees the exclusive transport of goods to their destination. Our services also include an in-house warehouse logistics process.

By taking the specific needs of each client into account, Transportela continues to excel while strictly adhering to delivery deadlines and all safety standards. Environmental preservation is also a concern of the company; we comply with Euro V and VI standards and continue to work to become fully compliant with Euro VI in the coming years.

Quality of
all services

Accuracy of
delivery times

Compliance with
safety standards


To guarantee professional as well as fast, safe and efficient service in the transportation of goods, whether domestically or internationally, and in logistics.


To become a benchmark company in the transportation of goods, storage and logistics and in how we meet the specific needs of each client. Client loyalty and the establishment of partnerships and logistics chains are also primary objectives for Transportela.


1. Trust
2. Quality
3. Commitment
4. Precision
5. Punctuality
6. Honesty
7. Environmental concerns

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